Saturday, December 6, 2008

My favourite NBR citations

It's probably too late to post this, but I'm glad that I was able to think about what I liked about the National Board of Review's awards, in spite of some disappointing picks (*cough* Slumdog Millionaire *cough*).

4) Changeling is mentioned in the Top Ten Films
Maybe it wasn't the masterpiece that Cannes proclaimed it to be, but it also wasn't the piece of shit that the New York press hissed it was. The direction and screenplay was uneven, but it was ultimately a solid film with some dynamic performances and stunning production values.

3)Viola Davis's Breakthrough performance by an Actress win
Okay, I have not yet seen Doubt, so I am not really qualified to comment on the value of this victory, but I wish instead that it had been in the full-fledged Supporting Actress category. She is a fantastic actress; she is my Best Supporting Actress of 2002 for Solaris (and Far from Heaven). But how is this a breakthrough? She's a Tony winner, for crying out loud!

2)WALL-E is mentioned in the Top Ten Films
I hate how deserving animated films are automatically demoted to the animation ghetto, and are seldomly mentioned in the same top ten lists as live action features. It is great that WALL-E is included in this list. This film should be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but of course it won't be.

1)Anne Hathaway's Best Actress win
I am hoping that this win will create traction for the possibility of an Oscar turn for Anne Hathaway. I really, really love Rachel Getting Married, and was unexpectedly blown away by her adroit scenery chewing. Kym is such an unlikeable character, because of her druggie-diva antics and desire to make her personal hell a bigger deal than her sister's Big Day. But Anne, evidently, was able to find enough that she liked in Kym and what makes the people around her love her, and picked out the moments where she could add colour to a potentially one-note performance. I hope that there is enough space in the shortlist for her inclusion; she could benefit more from a nomination than any of the actresses in the unimaginative line-up of the Blanchetts, Streeps, and Winslets.

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Douglas Racso said...

NBR was pretty depressing because of the Gran Torino wins hehehe